VariPPC : Self-Service Multi-Touch PC

Introduction to VariPPC 819

The VariPPC 819 is essential PC technology for busy hospital settings that demand workspace flexibility and the latest features to deliver and manage patient care. This all-in-one PC frees up space and can be mounted on a wall or medical cart to be used where needed: patient rooms, operating rooms, nurses stations...the locations are practically limitless.

Featuring a 19” LCD Panel, VariPPC 819 also has the capability to scan barcodes, RFID, and fingerprints; it can even read smart cards. This all-in-one PC eliminates the need for other peripherals because everything can be done on one piece of hardware: the VariPPC 819 . The optional webcam and Skype VOIP can be used for telemedicine in the operating room or to collaborate with other medical professionals. Versatile features, all in one space saving package.

Key Features

  • Intel® Pineview Dual Core D510 1.66GHz
  • 19" High brightness, wide viewing angle display
  • System Memory expandable up to 8GB
  • Intel® Pineview D410 /D510 CPU integrated - 15" zero-bezel & projected capacitive technology
  • Wipe-clean Simplicity all-in one terminal
  • Front and Rear enclosure IP66 Certified, Medical Certified
  • Magical Multi-touch Technology